Construction Vehicles the Steam Roller or Road Roller. Join Handyman Hal as he rides a Road Roller. Handyman Hal learns about construction vehicles the road roller. So much fun watching the roller in action. Handyman Hal rolls over watermelon, ketchup and soda bottles. Handyman Hal Fun Videos for Kids.

Thanks for watching the Handyman Hal. Come explore the channel with the best handyman around, Handyman Hal! Learn new things all the time and watch the adventures we can go on. There are so many exciting things to explore and learn. We know kids love to watch how things work and watch things being built. Handyman Hal so has explored a fire station, dump truck and excavator, he has built toys with his tools, and even helped out a Kona ice truck. Along with tools and building Handyman Hal teaches kids counting and numbers, learn colors, new shapes and always exploring new things. It’s Awesome!